5 Gift Ideas To Bless Your Church Staff

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5 Gift Ideas To Bless Your Church Staff

Posted OnJuly 16, 2020 0

Are you wondering of a way to express your appreciation to a man of God, a deacon, an elder or leader of your church who has left an unforgettable mark in your life and that of your family? You just think of how this leader stood by you, encouraged, and prayed with you when you were in your down moments and you are simply awed by their deeds.

Maybe you are thinking of how you can return that kindness with a gift for such a person but do not know-how. What you need to bear in mind is that gifts are given to express love, generosity, gratitude, motivate, meet a need and most importantly to bless someone with.

When giving out a gift, you should consider the relationship that exists between you and the receiver. You should also consider the social role of the person and above all whatever your gift is, it should come from a willing heart. For that leader of your church whom you want to bless with a gift, you can consider giving the following:


Knowledge Goodies: These are books and its related peripheries that can impact knowledge to the person. These include but not limited to Christian books on various subjects, dairies, pens, and others.


Appearance Assorters: These are things that can help brighten the appearance of the person when they adorn themselves with. These also include a piece of cloth, suit, smock, pair of shoes, sash, handkerchief, jewellery, Africanized accessories.


Monetary Treats: These are directly or indirectly money-related. They include credit cards, money transfer, cheques among others.


Honorary Monuments: These include a citation, specially engraved objects such as badges, cups, key holders etc.


Daring Surprises: These are gifts that are mind-blowing when anyone hears that you are giving them out as gifts to others. These include cars, houses, phones, hampers, shopping vouchers, tickets for trips abroad and lots that you think can be a blessing to the receiver.