Do You Also Need a SAFE PLACE?


Do You Also Need a SAFE PLACE?

Even if we often act like super humans, the truth remains; we all need a safe place, at some point(s) in our lives. So, if just like the friend I was on a video call with minutes ago, you are also in a desperate need of a safe place, this piece is for you.

While I was on a video call with her, I realized something was off; something her smirk and nonstop talking couldn’t hide. For someone you’ll barely find at home on a Monday afternoon, it was rather strange she was sitting on the ground, barefoot, in a pajamas, with an unkempt hair and a left-over makeup (obviously smudged from crying), and an opened box of pizza, acting all gingered up by a good news.

It was clear she was trying so hard not to give herself away; whatever was breaking her up is either something she can’t talk to me(or anyone) about or something she thinks she’s got control over – perhaps it’ll vanish on its own, but that’s a big fat lie, and I don’t mind letting her know.

“Sweety,” I had interrupted her. “…you don’t have to tell me about it if you don’t want to, but..”

“You caught me,” she confirmed my suspicion. “But how? I thought I’d this under control.”

“Obviously not!” I pointed out.

“Yeah, right..” she paused. “It’s not as if talking about it can change anything…”

Photo credit: Elemental – Medium

She admitted that she’s at a place where she needs to be vulnerable with someone, talk about whatever is killing her, and at the end, still feel better. “I am certainly not that someone”, I thought to myself.

“Have you spoken to Jesus about it?” I asked.

“What?” She rhetorically asked. It was clear she wasn’t expecting that question. She obviously didn’t see Jesus like a random human you can sit besides and talk about your pain. It happens to all of us – the times we need Jesus the most are the times we forget about His existence and place in our lives. We run to other humans or wallow in pain and self pity, instead of embracing Jesus – our Safe Place. And that’s why I’m sharing this message with you, too.

Be rest assured: Jesus is your safe place. He’s the only person you can be your ugliest and most vulnerable with; the only person who’s your help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1-3).

He is a selfless friend, a fiercely loyal confidant, a good listener, a great support, and an anchor. He knows everything about you, every inch of you, and yet he doesn’t condemn, laugh at you or make you feel like you’re being too extra; He rather calls you to come and burry yourself in His gentle embrace (Matthew 11:28a).

So, instead of acting like a super human, remaining knocked down by circumstances outside your control or condemning yourself, approach Jesus as you are; snuggle up to Him with what you’ve, and allow Him to be your safe space when the storms of life bluster around you. His covering will protect and provide a safe place for you to hide from the storm (Isaiah 4:6).

As you take a gentle step towards making Jesus your home and safe place, I pray you and yours’ will truly find a safe place in Him. May He raise your hearts to hope in Him; to see more clearly, His affectionate love for you. May He bind your wounds, provide your needs and cause you to testify about how safe and provided for You’re in Him! Amen!