How Churches Are Surviving In 2020


How Churches Are Surviving In 2020

Posted OnJuly 16, 2020 0

The saying that every year comes with its challenges tends to be more real in this year, 2020. In the history of the church, the year, 2020 has crippled churches across the globe that its memory will not be entirely erased. An unfortunate event that the year would forever be associated with is the lockdown of churches due to the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID 19).

The year, 2020 has been like a host which welcomed an unwelcoming and threatening guest that swept millions of lives away. As if that was not enough, it caused fear and panic among people that the safest thing one could do while COVID 19 stayed around was to stay home. In effect, gatherings with which the church forms parts had to suffer.

For several months, churches, as the gathering of the saints in many countries have been forced to go for an involuntary break. Who would have thought about this? But thanks be to God who makes all things beautiful in their season, He made a way for churches such that the break from the church activities did not break the churches nor its members. It has been observed that churches have survived the period resulting from the under listed means:


Technologically, churches have taken advantage of the media to hold services. Most churches with the means have resorted to transmitting and broadcasting services using different media. This move has even extended access to different messages from different churches to people in the comfort of their homes. Online services, Conference calls, Zoom meetings, Prayer chains, Google hangout and others means have been enacted to connect with members. Hence, members are fed with the regular word of God which is needed for their spiritual nourishment.

Economically, an important means for running the activities of the church is the finances. Many measures have been in place for members to contribute money to keep up with the running the church. Easy mode of payment of tithes and donations to the churches have been made available to members and other donors to accrue funds for the running of the church.


Spiritually, the churches have and are still surviving with the continual prayers offered by its members. Regardless of their not meetings together, members have not been discouraged. Wherever any member of the church is, they continue in the faith by praying for God’s preservation and sustaining power through the period this pandemic stay with us. Also, families are now admonished and instructed to keep on having times studying God’s word and praying together.