Hannarich Asiedu Set to Launch Maiden Book, “Decoding the In-law Code” Today

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Hannarich Asiedu Set to Launch Maiden Book, “Decoding the In-law Code” Today

Speaker, Happiness Coach and Philanthropist, Hannarich Asiedu, is set to release her maiden book, “Decoding the In-law Code” today, April 23, 2022 at 3pm (CST) at 1133 W Hebron Pkwy Carrollton TX 75010.

Hannarich holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Ghana and is also certified in the science of well-being under the instruction of cognitive scientist Dr. Laurie Santos at Yale University.

Hannarich Asiedu

Early in her marriage, she discovered how to change her focus and perception and that revolutionized her relationship with her in-laws; the key is mastering mindsets. And this key, according to her, birthed a passion for offering helpful principles for building peaceful and loving in-law relationships, and led to the writing of the book.

Written in a conversational and humorous style with real-life examples and scriptural references, Decoding the In-Law Code is a book that offers helpful strategies to take in-law relationships from one of despair to one of endless possibilities. It provides guidance on how to identify unique in-law problems, see in-laws through a new lens, know what to do when all is still not enough, engage in meaningful conversations, and enjoy blessings by honoring your in-laws.

The book launch event promises to be impactful and memorable with exciting line of activities and you wouldn’t want to miss it. It will be streamed live (8pm GMT) on YouTube and Facebook to enable individuals based outside the United States of America to join and participate. You can stay tuned for more information via the hash tag #Decodingtheinlawcodebook and by following us on the various social media platforms: @ghgospelradio and subscribing to our YouTube channel.