How To Minister To A Person In Crisis

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How To Minister To A Person In Crisis

Posted OnJuly 16, 2020 0

As people are born into this wide wondrous world, there is surely bound to be a crisis in one’s life. Though no one wills to be hit with a crisis, when it does occur, there is the need to ensure that maximum support is provided to the person hit by the crisis.

Crisis comes in various forms and degree to people with various individual differences. What may work for one person may not apply to another even with the same crisis. It is, therefore, crucial to assess the kind of crisis a person is involved in to ascertain the needed support that can be relevant to the person.

To most crisis people find themselves in, there is a real need that can give greater satisfaction to the one in crisis. A person attending to the one in crisis should identify that which is within their reach and provide to the one in crisis.

Anyone who attends to a person in crisis should be able to put themselves in the situation that the person in crisis is experiencing. Relating with such persons in crisis, sharing similar experiences encountered and how they were overcome can be of help them.

Always be readily available for the person in crisis to be comfortable with and can open up to. Give the person in crisis the needed attention and be patient enough with them.

Assure the person in crisis that you are there for them and that you stand with them. When they gain your trust that you care for them, they will be willing to listen to you and be encouraged with your presence and your support. It is at this stage, that you can encourage them, help them pray about their situation and suggest further assistance from an external source if the need be.